Evoluzion Photoluminescent



Evoluzion for more than 15 years, has been dedicated to the research, production and marketing of photoluminescent products and raw materials.

One of our main products is photoluminescent pigment which absorbs and stores light energy when exposed to a light source (daylight or electric) then emits in the dark for a long period of time; They can be reused for many times. The product is non-radioactive, non-toxic and can be mixed as an additive with transparent products such as printing ink, paint, plastic, printing paste, ceramic, glass, etc ... to shine in the darkness.

All EvoluZion materials such as rigid PVC, vinyl, aluminum, strips, tapes, profiles, etc .. are made with our own fotoluiniscentes high quality pigments.

Quick response and service.

Chemically specialized assistance.

A high-level service is the basis of our philosophy.

We have highly technical personnel and management qualificado.

We manufacture a variety of photoluminescent products to meet the specific and / or special needs of customers.

Our main goal is the maximum satisfaction of our customers, giving quality for each product and an immediate response.