Evoluzion Photoluminescent



EvoluZion manufactures aluminum profiles, stainless steel and pvc. Sizes, shapes, pictograms, luminance and thickness can be made according to the needs of each client.
Evoluzion`s high quality photoluminescent low location lighting system has the following characteristics:
*Self-Rechargeable                                                   *Easy Installation                             
*Washable                                                                *Non Toxic and harless
*Environmentally Friendly                                          *Non radioactive
*No wiring or batteries                                              *No energy consumed
*Glow more than 12 hours after charging visible light for 5-10 minutes
Applications: to mark all emergency routes, to reduce possible confusion and panic.
                                       Low Location Lighting System Photoluminescent
                                     Low Location Lighting System Photoluminescent