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Luminescent plastic master batch is a kind of self-luminous plastic pellets made of Evoluzion’s luminescent materials. It can be directly injected or proportionally mixed with similar plastic in the injection molding, which is made into all kinds of luminescent plastics, absorbing visible light for 10-20 minutes and then emitting more than 12 hours in the dark.

ModelAfterglow Intensity (mcd/㎡)Color
10 minutes60 minutes
PEGPEYellow - Green
BPEBlue - Green
PVCGPVCYellow - Green
BPVCBlue - Green
PPGPP26036Yellow - Green
BPPBlue - Green
ABSGABSYellow - Green
BABSBlue - Green
PMMAGPMMAYellow - Green
BPMMABlue - Green