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Self-adhesive vinyl film / Pet / Acrilyc

It is a photoluminescent film made of soft plastic and backed with adhesive paper. It is non-toxic, harmless and it does not contain any radioactive elements. After charging visible light for 5-10 minutes, it can glow in the dark for more than 12 hours.

• They are able to resist salty solution and detergent (can be washed with detergent).
• Functional in heat and coldness at the temperature range from -20ºC to 50ºC;.
• Excellent physical and mechanical properties.
• Has instant adhesiveness and can be glued to the surface of general objects.



After the film is cut into specific shapes, they can be applied in the following conditions:

• Location Indicators

They can be applied on the surface of following objects: switches for electric appliances, remote control panels, wall switches, plugs, receptacles, locks, hand torches, door handles, handrails, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, lifesaving devices, etc. Signs made of photoluminescent vinyl film can be glued to the place anywhere in your convenience.

• Safety Markings

They can be applied to the following places to give safety indications and warnings: emergency exits and passages, subway stations, underground passages, civil air defense projects, hall, dance halls, cinemas, supermarket stores, hospitals, railway stations, airports, terminals, etc.

*The luminosity data above luminosity data is tested according to DIN 67510 standard Part 1-charge 1000 lux light for 5 minutes.


Model and ThicknessSizeAfterglow Intensity (mcd/㎡)Afterglow times minGlowing color
10 min60min
Norm B 0.37 mm1000mm x
50 or 25 meters
Norm A 0.37 mm218302270
Norm A 0.41mm283403600
AVL 1.4 mm450685000