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Photoluminescent solvent ink / uvi ink

It is a luminescent ink dried by photo polymerization with ultraviolet lamps emitting radiation, uniform and shiny smooth finish. Lamps cured by U.V. from 80 to 120 w / cm. with approximate speed of 15 to 25 meters minimum.
The printing ink luminescent light accumulates in a short space of time and subsequently emitted in darkness for a long period of time. It can be activated an unlimited number of times.
PRODUCTS NOT contain radioactive elements, phosphorus or lead.

• Color yellow, red, orange or blue (see other colors).
• A dispersion of synthetic resins.
• They have been made for maximum traction and durability on most thermoplastics.
• Quantity of matter fixed at 75%.
• Point of inflation: 25 (TAG)
• Thyrotrophic.

• Before application, it is advised to perform a preliminary test.
• Should always be applied on a surface as white as possible to obtain the maximum luminescence.
• Performance will depend on how you want to achieve luminescence.
• The tack occurs at 20 – 30 mins. (T = 20; RH = 65%). To apply subsequent layers, allow for 3-4 hours (minimum per layer) as temperature and relative humidity. It can be dried at about 70 ° C.
• This ink can be applied on surfaces of rigid PVC, flexible PVC, cardboard, paper, ceramics, iron, aluminum, glass, etc …
• Must be applied mesh of about 34 wires.
• Ready to use.

• Store at temperatures below 40 °C.
• Close the container after use.
• Keep containers out of reach of children.
• Do not ingest.
• Flammable product. Follow all the instructions to this effect.
• Use with adequate ventilation.