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Photoluminescent stair nosing

Stair nosings are top-notch necessities when constructing or upgrading a building, they do not only protect stairs from wearing away, but they also avoid people from slipping. Traditionally, these nosings have been made of rubber or other non-slip substances. With the introduction of photoluminescent stair nosings, a new level of safety and durability can be attained. Because during an emergency evacuation in a situation involving a power outage, people will still be able to see and use the stairs safely as the photoluminescent stair nosings point the way. If you want to make your buildings safer, Evoluzion`s photoluminescence stair nosings are the best choice.

They are made of aluminum with a special photoluminescent insert, the size, shapes, luminosity, thickness and appearance colour can be made according to the specific requirements for our customers.

Evoluzion’s photoluminescent stair nosings have the below characteristics:
• Self-Rechargeable
• Easy Installation
• Washable
• Non Toxic and harless
• Environmentally Friendly
• Non radioactive
• No wiring or batteries
• No energy consumed
• Glow more than 12 hours after charging visible light for 5-10 minutes

Installation photoluminescent stair nosings can be installed with by screws or glues.

Photoluminescent stair nosing-daylight
Photoluminescent stair nosing-glow in dark