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Photoluminescent tape

Tape can help to identify the safest exit path in the dark and direct people away from the potential hazards. Its conventional uses include marking the landing, steps and handrails in exit stairs. Other applications may include outlining an exit door frame, marking door handles, applying cutout footprints leading to an exit or providing a graphic or sign with additional instructions.
Are made of PVC vinyl, their sizes, shapes, pictograms, luminosity and thickness can be made according to the specific requirements from our customers.

The below are regular types:

Photoluminescent stair nosings have the below characteristics:

• Self-Rechargeable
• Glow more than 12 hours after charging visible light for 5-10 minutes
• No Maintenance
• Washable
• Non Toxic and harless
• Environmentally Friendly
• Non radioactive
• No wiring or batteries
• No energy consumed
• Easy Installation